Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Quick update

Only gonna be short this one!

Since Beijing I have been hard at work on the road, putting the miles in, the team headed out to Majorca for a training camp at the beginning of February which lasted a week. The whole purpose of the camp was to switch our energy systems so instead of being able to turn ourselves inside out in 4km we would now be able to go on for much longer.  The weather was cracking; sun and blue sky’s every day and the training basically consisted of 5 hour rides every day with a few climbs to split the ride up, I felt good and to my surprise I went up the climbs quite well considering I haven’t gone up anything long than 1km since I got on the academy and moved to Fallowfield!

Once the camp was over we flew back and then had a just over a week at home, you realise how shit the road are around here when you head home and the hours flew by, as did the days and we were soon jetting off back to Majorca for another  10 days. This time the rides were much shorter and more intense with a block of efforts during each ride. The weather had also turned and the last few days where horrendous!  

Once the 10 days were up it was straight into my first race of the season, the classic season opener Eddie Soens. I felt strong from all the mile we’d put in but felt as though I was lacking any explosiveness, I presume this is from all the long miles, rolled in 19th - Simon Yates 100% Me (E) 01:39:52. We had 2 in the break and Mark ended up 5th.

My upcoming races are,

12-Mar: Roy Thames RR
13-Mar: Jock Wadly
20-Mar: Wally Gimber RR 

Next post will be reporting on these so, ciao for now!

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